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Combining dad jokes with a DDP discussion

Jun 27, 2024
Combining dad jokes with a DDP discussion

Combining a discussion on Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) customs solutions with dad jokes (see below) is not easy. Especially when the discussion also has to achieve its objective of being informative and insightful.

But that's what the DDP panel achieved at WMX Europe organised by Triangle Management Services.

Here's a few takeaways:

  1. International ecommerce should be as easy to use as domestic ecommerce.
  2. Customers want transparency in landed costs.
  3. DDP is easy for the integrators but more difficult for the Posts as they are not so integrated.
  4. Postal DDP solutions are available but in order to work both the origin and destination countries must have implemented the solution.
  5. Trust in Posts can be a key strength in international ecommerce logistics.
  6. 70% of shoppers check who is the delivery partner when they are buying an item from another country

Thanks to Jan Van Roey of Poste Italiene, Clint Reid and Aaron Bezzant of Zonos and Gavin Macrae of Delta Prospect for a very engaging session.

And now for one of those dad jokes:

Q. What goes around the world but lives in the corner?

A. A stamp...

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