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Our data driven software solutions automate manual processes, standardise divergent practises and create reporting, analysis and forecasting tools that help solve your business and digitalisation challenges.

We work extensively with logistics clients across multiple domains, from Sales and Marketing, Pricing, Bid Management and Operations to Finance, Costing and Billing.



Using digital technology and processes to enhance the way you work with data. Improving employee and customer experience, increasing productivity and driving innovation.

Workflow Automation

Developing software that makes work faster, easier and more consistent. Reducing the need for manual, repetitive, time consuming tasks.

Cost & Pricing Engines

Integrating your data with custom built solutions. Delivering a holistic, end-to-end view of your costs plus tools that help set and manage prices.

Decision Support Systems

Software applications that harness data to improve a company’s decision making capabilities.

Embedding competitive advantage into your business

  • Complete control over solution functionality and processes
  • User experience features built to your specifications making the solutions simple to implement and operate
  • Customised functionality to deliver competitive advantage where you need it most
  • Integration with legacy systems
  • Security components built to client standards
  • Lower run costs whether you have 50 or 5,000 users as there are no licence fees to pay
  • Intellectual property rights owned by customers
  • Solution upgrades and edits specified at any time

Experience and expertise at transforming complex requirements into business reality

With The Information Factory you can rely on a talented team of architecture, design, development, deployment experts to bring your business vision to life. Plus project managers who keep everything on track and a dedicated support team to ensure your solution runs smoothly.

  • Full stack expertise across a wide range of front end and back end systems, databases and tools
  • Project methodologies adapted to suit your needs
  • Platform of pre-built components plus front end features to shorten development time and cost

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