Advanced Analytics

Advanced data and predictive analytics

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When you need insights into possible future outcomes our Advanced Analytics service delivers the answers. We use data science tools to create models that answer business questions, generate well founded predictions and provide action oriented recommendations to support decision making.

A broad range of practical applications to improve productivity, margins and cost positions

Dynamic pricing

Dynamic pricing enabling rapid response to changing market conditions

Demand forecasting

Demand forecasting to support operations and commercial planning

Customer retention

Customer retention analysis for assessing factors triggering defection and how to encourage loyalty

Route planning and delivery scheduling

Route planning and delivery scheduling to increase productivity and customer satisfaction

Contingency planning and corrective actions

Contingency planning and corrective actions where delays and disruptions occur

Asset lifecycle and replacement planning

Asset lifecycle and replacement planning to minimise transportation and equipment downtimes

Warehouse optimisation

Warehouse optimisation for optimal visibility and control of raw materials, spare parts and finished goods

End-to-end visibility

End-to-end visibility facilitating real time adjustments in the supply chain

Combining data management and data science expertise

  • Professional and proven approach covering business requirements discovery, data acquisition, data mining, feature engineering, data cleaning, predictive modelling and data visualisation
  • Full stack software expertise across a wide range of front end and back end systems, databases and tools
  • Project methodologies adapted to suit your needs
  • Platform of pre-built components plus front end features to shorten development time and cost

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