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8 signs that you need a better Business Intelligence system

Feb 7, 2024
8 signs that you need a better Business Intelligence system

A great business intelligence (BI) system will analyse how your business is performing, highlight problems, offer solutions and uncover new opportunities. But this ideal situation doesn’t exist for everyone.

If you recognise any of the following situations it’s highly likely that you and your teams are not getting maximum benefit from your BI.

  1. You’re spending a lot of time manually preparing reports.
  2. It’s difficult to get access to the data you really need.
  3. Reports don’t give a clear picture of what’s going on.
  4. There’s an ongoing debate about whose data is the most accurate - you lack a ‘single version of the truth’.
  5. You need more flexibility and customisation.
  6. People complain about delays in receiving their reports.
  7. The amount of data is expanding and becoming harder to manage.
  8. KPI metrics are not always consistent so you’re not comparing apples with apples.

It’s a frustrating list to deal with. But, we can help you solve this particular puzzle. At The Information Factory our BI / business intelligence systems and digital solutions are focused on putting your data to work, refining raw unconnected information and turning it into actionable insights that drive decision making.

Get in contact if you’d like to discuss how to automate your BI.

We provide free consultation, with no high pressure selling and no obligation to buy. We’re just a team of people who want to help you be more data driven.

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