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WMX Europe 2024 Review

Jul 3, 2024
WMX Europe 2024 Review

Here’s 10 key takeaways from WMX Europe 2024. Two days of engaging conference, networking and fun.

Agenda topics ranged from ecommerce, green logistics and customer centricity to AI and future innovations. Trying to limit our takeaways to 10 was a challenge…

  1. Postal organisations can exploit their infrastructure (i.e. network, people, vehicles, capillarity) when competing in the international ecommerce market.
  2. Customer expectations remain high – even during a period of war. So Ukraine Post keep things running as normal.
  3. Ignore the AI hype and invest in practical uses.
  4. International ecommerce should be as easy as domestic.
  5. B2B also represents a major opportunity
  6. When transforming your business think humans before technology.
  7. Learn from other industries i.e. retail, hospitality and entertainment.
  8. The low hanging fruit in sustainability has been harvested. More creativity and investment is needed to take the next steps.
  9. Explore both functional and emotional customer segmentation when aiming to be more customer centric.
  10. There are commercial opportunities in the post purchase ecommerce system – if managed well.

Thanks to the presenters for their insights, moderators for keeping the schedule running smoothly, delegates for the interesting conversations, Correos Spain for hosting and Triangle Management Services for organising.

It was great.

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