Sales BI system

Consistent rules to understand & benchmark sales performance

Our client’s sales organisation had numerous country based reporting systems, but there was little consistency between each report and limited ability to consolidate them regionally and globally. This made it extremely difficult for management to accurately benchmark performance.

The requirement

Design and build a Sales business intelligence (BI) system that could work on a country, regional and global basis.

The solution

  • Automation and application of consistent business rules
  • Sales performance is measured against an agreed and standardised set of KPIs
  • Harmonisation of regional sales processes with flexibility to allow for country specific KPIs
  • Consolidated view of sales KPIs at every organisational level
  • Improved management capability to steer sales performance
  • The system is the main reporting tool for the client’s sales improvement program and scorecard
Technical specifications:
Windows Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Database: Teradata, MS SQL Server
Middleware: IIS, ASP.NET
Frontend: MS SQL Server Reporting Services, Excel, Cognos

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