End to end costing

Delivering visibility and insights for understanding and managing costs

Our client had difficulty obtaining a clear view on their costs. This was due to incomplete data, inconsistency in how costs were measured and delays in obtaining data. As their business grew it became impractical to continue using a manual, labour intensive approach to cost measurement.

The requirement

An end to end view of costs for all service levels and shipment types – drilled down to individual shipments. Support the finance and pricing departments and provide senior management with a comprehensive view on where and how to manage costs more effectively.

The solution

  • One integrated system providing a shipment cost breakdown for all modes of transport and service levels
  • General ledger mapped to operations data to calculate costs for each activity
  • Overhead cost allocated to each shipment
  • Clear visibility on key cost drivers across all stages of the process i.e. shipment collection, sorting, processing, linehaul, customs clearance and last mile delivery plus sales & customer service support
  • Ability to set prices to achieve an identifiable and acceptable margin
  • Identification and analysis of cost issues
  • Insights on corrective actions
Technical specifications:
Database: Teradata, Postgres
Middleware: Apache Tomcat, Java
Frontend / Other: Angular, Typescript, Sass, Maven, Node.js, npm, Activiti

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