Spot rate pricing

Gaining lucrative business through tactical pricing

A leading international logistics company lost lucrative, heavyweight business due to their lengthy pricing approval process and rigid price discount structure – which made these shipments prohibitively expensive. The process used to create special prices was highly manual, lacked coherent business rules and was unable to cope with the growing demand for spot rate pricing.

The requirement

Spot rate pricing system to standardise the request capture, margin calculation and administration of pricing for ad hoc heavy weight shipments.

The solution

  • Automated method for handling ad hoc pricing requests
  • Commercial and Operations business rules embedded in the tool
  • Prices based on total delivery cost and include a recommended margin
  • Sales have flexibility to offer a price within the recommended margin range
  • Standardised and automated workflow generates prices in seconds
  • Prices are adapted according to customer profile and shipment type
  • Managing reporting on key spot rate price metrics
  • System generates over $45M per year
  • 6,000 users worldwide creating over 1,000 prices each day
Technical specifications:
Hardware: VMWare Virtual Server
Operating System: Red Hat Enterprise
Database: Oracle
Middleware: Apache Tomcat

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