Tender management

Increasing contract win rates with a benchmarking system

Panalpina collected detailed information on their air freight customer tenders including; prices, internal costs, service levels and margins. Market & competitor data was also obtained – so that individual tenders could be matched against market rates and historical trends. While the quantity of information available was substantial, it took a lot of time to collect, the data was not integrated, analytics capabilities were limited and therefore the system was underutilised.

The requirement

Panalpina specified four major requirements:

1. Utilise available data to improve the bid success rate

2. Benchmark all tenders against market trends & commercial guidelines

3. Deliver an online system that could be updated quickly & easily by non-IT specialists

4. 'Democratise' the data by making it available to a wider range of users

The solution

  • Clear overview on all tenders plus an ability to drill down into the specifics of each metric
  • Main sections all automatically updated once new data becomes available
  • Users see how individual tenders change during the course of contract negotiations, how potential margins are being impacted as prices and costs change
  • Visibility on how rates offered compare against the market and against historical trends
  • Management summary dashboard so that senior executives can easily digest the main highlights of each contract negotiation
  • 100s of users worldwide with access to the same information at the same time
Technical specifications:
IBM WebSphere Application Server
Angular JS
D3 Graphics library

The benefits

Increased % of contract win rates
Increased % of contract win rates
Immediate access to data insights
Immediate access to data insights
Improved decision making
Improved decision making
Management overview on all tenders
Management overview on all tenders

The client


The Panalpina Group (now owned by DSV) was one of the world’s leading providers of supply chain solutions combining its core products of Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Logistics and Manufacturing to deliver globally integrated, tailor-made end-to-end solutions. The group operated a global network with 500 offices in around 70 countries, worked with partner companies in another 100 countries and employed approximately 14,000 people worldwide.


We work with The Information Factory because of their data analytics & visualisation expertise, particularly when dealing with complex and varied data sources. And of course, their logistics industry experience. We needed to work with somebody who understood our business.

Patrick Gueth

SVP, Global Head of Tender Management, Panalpina

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