Tariff templates

Increasing productivity by simplifying the tender management process

During large contract negotiations numerous tariffs were presented to the customer before a final agreement was reached. Whenever Sales requested a new tariff the Pricing team had to create an entirely new set of rates with supporting documentation such as a legal service contract and terms & conditions. This was labour intensive work and, as many different templates were used around the world, the output often confused the customers.

The requirement

A standard rate card template for all account customers that can be adapted to local requirements.

The solution

  • Automated tariff calculation and document creation functions, saving the Pricing department significant time and effort when producing new prices and contracts
  • Consistent look and feel for all tariffs, making it easier for global customers to review multi-country pricing
  • Standardised tariff structure discourages over complex pricing and ensures that all relevant fees are applied
Technical specifications:
HP DL380 server
Operating System: Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Database: Oracle
Middleware: Apache Tomcat, Java
Frontend: Angular

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