Invoice management system

Reducing the impact of billing errors

Occasional billing errors are inevitable in all organisations, especially so in those with numerous customers. Most are fixed with minimal administration and inconvenience. But, sometimes the errors are large enough to significantly impact financial reporting systems, not just the billing files – at significant cost in terms of time, money and brand image.

Our client, a logistics company with over 2.5 million customers, faced this type of situation. Large billing errors were rare – but, when they occurred, caused chaos to the billing and finance departments.

The requirement

Automated process for correcting billing errors with a system that can be applied globally.

The solution

  • Front-end web application though which Finance Controlling can correct errors without impacting reporting cycles
  • Adjustments are fed into relevant downstream applications
  • Automation of all manual processes
  • Significant improvement in data quality
  • All original data remains secure within the data warehouse environment
Technical specifications:
Cognos Framework Manager
Cognos Cube Designer (Dynamic Cubes)
Cognos Transformer (Power Play Cubes)
Cognos SDK (Automation of Maintenance Tasks)

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